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@schedule of

After discussing the design with the customer,
the designs will be shown via e-mail.
c o o l u original fixed design is here

The payment for the design will have to be
@ made after completion of the discussion on the design.
The printing work will be start immediately after
receipt of the design payment and confirmation.

The delivery date of the ordered goods will be
one month from the date of placement of the order.
This time frame has been fixed for order
up to 1,000pcs, and it's same for any additional order too.
@ Please enquire now if you do need the goods urgently.
Since the annual Nepali festival "Dasain" season falls during
@ Sep. to Oct. and Christmas season Nov. to Dec.
the is bound to be some rush.

Payment for printing and courier, plus additional
@ charges if any, will have to made upon receipt the goods.

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